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Quartz Serving Platter


This Platter is 10″ x 7″

Have you searched for a unique gift? Treat a loved one or yourself to a remarkable rose quartz platter edged in gold leaf. This stunning item provides a luxurious addition to any hospitality setting.

Imagine including a beautiful Quartz platter in a festive holiday buffet? Crafted from solid stone, our lovely platter reflects the beauty of its components: pink quartz and gold. These elements frequently occur together in nature. They make a lovely combo in our eye-catching 11″ by 13″ by 3″ quartz serving platter edged in gold leaf!

A Quartz Platter Infuses Entertaining with Elegance

Delightful rose quartz platters lend an ambiance of abundance to any setting. Who should select this Quartz serving platter?

Upscale Restaurants
Fundraising Committees
Anyone Who Entertains

A Rose Quartz Platter: The Perfect Gift

Quartz platters make an ideal wedding or home warming gift. Consider giving a quartz serving platter as a gift for someone who seemingly possesses everything! A unique quartz platter with gold leaf will signify your sentiments. Virtually any gift recipient appreciates receiving a stylish quartz platter edged in golf leaf.

Peruse Other Fine Gifts

Consider checking out other appealing gift items in addition to the unique platter. From agate cake stands to rose quartz bowls to designer coasters to other rose quartz home décor items, Design Pretty offers great products! Our beautiful rose quartz platter will look attractive next to some of these items in your kitchen, too.

Reserve Your Quartz Platter

Reserve your quartz serving platter today. A rose quartz platter makes a lovely addition to any home or business.

How To Clean Our Quartz

A damp wash cloth and mild soap.  Do not submerge and do not place in the dishwasher.

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Put The Platter Out As A Decoration

When you buy a beautiful quartz platter from us, you will want to put it on display in your home so all of your guests will see it. When you put it out on your kitchen table or counter, or in any room of your home, you will also enjoy it all of the time. You will like having the quartz platter sit out because you can put various items on it as a place for them to sit, or you can just enjoy it as is. It is a beautiful piece and something that will make the decor in any room look a bit more special.

Everyone Is Going To Notice The Platter

When you start using a quartz serving platter at your parties, everyone will notice it and will want to know how they can get one, too. You will feel pleased with the attention that you receive from it and you will also be happy with using it for all of your parties because of how gorgeous it looks. You can put food on the quartz serving platter or you can just set it out as a display for decoration. No matter how you use it, your guests at the party will notice it and will compliment you on it.

You Can Find A Use For It Every Day

You will never feel bad about the money that you spend on something like a quartz serving platter because it is so beautiful and high-quality, and there is so much you can do with it. You can find a different purpose for it every day, whether you are using it for serving food or not, and when you keep it out all of the time, you will find joy from it every day. You will feel proud of how the quartz platter looks when you buy it from us because it will be a high-quality platter.

The Platter Will Elevate Any Table Setting

Anytime you get the quartz platter out and put it on the table, it will elevate it and make the table appear much more elegant. You can use it for all of the special occasions you are hosting people for, or you can use it if you are running a business and are putting on a company party. Get the quartz serving platter out for New Year’s Eve, for a wedding shower, or for any event you have going on, and it will make the event feel much more elegant. Buy the quartz platter you want through us, and you will get something that you know everyone else will want. You will love every little detail of the quartz platter like the gold edges and how pretty it looks alone or when paired with other elegant pieces, and you will want to use it for all of your events and more. Whether you are someone who hosts parties often or not, you need to get a beautiful quartz serving platter from us. We also offer other decorative items. From coasters to stone coasters to lamps and bookends, we have something for everyone!

At Design Pretty, we offer beautiful quartz platters and quartz plates for your home. These quartz platters and quartz plates would make a lovely addition to any dining room or kitchen table. They can add timelessness and class, all while being practical and functional.

Quartz is known to have healing properties and many benefits. Quartz is also known to protect against negativity and promote peace. What better way to incorporate quartz into your home than with our quartz platters?

Our quartz serving platters are perfect if you’re someone who entertains people at their home often. Not only are these quartz platters beautiful to look at, but they’re incredibly efficient and functional. Your guests will be impressed by your taste and the elegance these quartz plates bring.

Even if you don’t entertain much, but you’re looking for a unique item for your home, these quartz plates will do the trick. These quartz serving platters also come in handy for catering companies, upscale restaurants, spas and many other businesses.

If you’re looking for a unique piece to add to your dining room or kitchen table, choose our quartz serving platters. Get in touch with our team at Design Pretty if you’re interested in learning more about our exceptional quartz serving platters today!


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