Rose Quartz Bowl


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Handmade Gold-Rimmed Rose Quartz Bowl

A rose quartz bowl is the perfect addition to any table, shelf or cabinet. Just large enough to hold snacks or potpourri, it can also double as a key holder or a place to display smaller gemstones or jewelry. Since rose quartz symbolizes unconditional love and forgiveness, it can add a calming influence to a home in addition to its decorative appeal. Made of natural rose quartz with a gold rim, our rose quartz bowl is an elegant addition to any home, and can be combined with rose quartz coasters, bookends, a larger serving platter, or even a rose quartz lamp.

Decorative Rose Quartz Bowl

The rose quartz bowl stands two inches tall, and has a slight oval shape. Weighing in at ten pounds, the rose quartz bowl is as lovely as it is utilitarian. Caring for it is as simple as keeping it dry and clean; however the rose quartz decorative bowl should be kept out of direct, sustained sunlight, as that can cause its delicate pink color to fade. In the event that the rose quartz bowl requires cleaning, warm water infused with sea salt is a safe and traditional way to remove impurities, though gently hand washing it in warm soapy water is also an option.

Fans of rose quartz home decor will be happy to know that the rose quartz decorative bowl has been handmade, and that each individual bowl is unique. A perfect combination of sophistication and practicality, there is no shortage of usage for this item. The loving energy that emanates from the rose quartz bowl will bring added peace and serenity to any household, while the stylish appearance will make designing a beautiful space around it easy, as well as adding to a sense of natural harmony.

Add a Splash of Color to Any Interior Update

As versatile as earth-inspired decor gets, our rose quartz bowl is among the most popular choices for both modern and traditional interior refreshes. Beneficial for darker rooms that lack contrast, or for eclectic decoration designs, our rose quartz bowl provides welcomed balance and a burst of color to any space.  

Since every quartz bowl is handcrafted and truly one-of-a-kind, these rare pieces serve as remarkably valuable interior investments. Similar to a quality artwork purchase, our rare items retain their beautiful properties, maintain/grow in value, naturally inspire conversation, add to your home’s sense of luxury, and brightly stand out as a wonderful representation of your style. 

Make the Most of Decorative Items With Our Professional Guidance

While considering a thoughtful new space for your home, we’d love to help you refine the finalized appearance and feel. Unique decorative styles are our specialty, and with any of the nature-inspired options like our rose quartz bowl, crystal lamps, or custom geode pieces, we’re glad to help you find the perfect place for your favorite finds. We take the time to understand your specific design goals, offer insightful online guidance, and continue to fine-tune the beautiful plan.

Our rose quartz bowl is just one of our best handmade designs; we’re glad to help you compare our unique and functional ideas for your new and improved space. Let us know what we can do to serve your space the best, and we’ll be here to bring new light and charm to any room you need assistance with!

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Purchasing Rose Quartz Bowls

A Stunning Bowl That’s Made Out of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a timelessly enticing stone that’s associated with all sorts of applications. People link it to sincerity, romance, serenity and so much more. If you’re trying to find a decorative bowl for your residence, then looking into rose quartz as a material may be best. Design Pretty can make you grin with a rose quartz bowl that epitomizes everything you want and need. Why exactly do people cherish bowls that are made out of rose quartz? They complement cabinets, shelves and tables wonderfully. They’re nice and roomy, as well. If you want to be able to manage fragrant dried petals and spices, this type of bowl can work. If you want to be able to manage tasty treats, the same thing applies. Some people even utilize these bowls to safeguard their keys or coins. If you regularly need coins for laundry duties, this type of bowl may work out well for you.

It can be wondrous to prioritize interior design that’s soothing. Thankfully, rose quartz is among the most soothing materials you can imagine. It’s also dignified and refined in ambiance. These bowls can seamlessly flatter living spaces regardless of their design schemes and influences. A breathtaking rose quartz bowl can work well in a traditional, futuristic or contemporary residence.

Answering All of Your Rose Quartz Bowl Questions and More

The Design Pretty team is one that takes customer satisfaction and service seriously. If you have any questions about a rose quartz bowl that has piqued your interest, don’t hesitate to pose them to us. We do anything in our capacities to provide customers with details that are relevant, straightforward and simple to grasp. If you want to make a brilliant rose quartz bowl purchasing decision, we can guide the way for you no matter what. We can talk to you about bowls that are handcrafted and that have distinctive and one-of-a-kind charms.

Maintenance isn’t hard for people who invest in bowls that are made using rose quartz. If you want to keep your bowl in tiptop shape, the assistance of warm water can go a long way. You can even blend in a bit of salt for good measure. This blend can do a lot for people who want to do away with any potential contaminants. We can talk to you about upkeep methods that can keep your bowl looking and feeling incredible for a long time.

We also offer a wide variety of other quartz and rose quartz products to elevate the style of your home. From bookends to rose quartz bookends, from serving platters to quartz platters and from rose quartz lamps to quartz table lamps, our decor provides a unique style to every home.

We can help you secure a rose quartz bowl that fulfills all of your wishes and requests without issue. If you want one that has a delicate appeal, we can assist you with the decision-making process.

At Design Pretty, we have beautiful rose quartz bowls for you to purchase. Our large rose quartz bowls can have many different uses. You can use them for snacks, jewelry, or keys. Our rose quartz bowls are a great addition to any dining room or kitchen.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a wedding or for a loved one during the holidays, our large rose quartz bowls are a great option. Our rose quartz bowls are a beautiful statement piece that can add flare to any living space. By buying a rose quartz bowl for a loved one, it shows you put extra thought and care into their present.

Rose quartz is known to having healing properties, so having a rose quartz bowl in your home can promote positivity and calm stress and anxiety. Our large rose quartz bowls are the perfect addition to any home!

Rose quartz bowls are a perfect housewarming gift and a great addition to include in your home if you’re looking for something unique. Design Pretty offers the best rose quartz bowls on the market. Handmade from natural materials, our rose quartz bowls will be sure to be a standout piece in any home.


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