• Agate Platter - Blue
  • Agate Platter - Blue
  • Agate Platter - Blue
  • Agate Platter - Blue
  • Agate Platter - Blue

Agate Platter – Blue


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Blue Agate Serving Platter

This beautiful blue agate slab is one of nature’s best creations.  Formed from the volcanic rock this slab is a stunning monochromatic collage of grey and white swirls.  This grey agate platter is a show stopper in any space, from the center island in your kitchen to your nightstand or even the vanity in your bathroom.

***Size 8 1/2″ x 7 1/2″**** *** 1 1/8”  thick *****

In recent years agate has gained popularity in jewelry, agate slice pendant, wholesale agate slices for weddings has also become a trend.  Agate and crystals have now made their way to home décor and Design Pretty wants to make it more accessible and more affordable to you.  With the wide variety of agate on the market i.e. natural purple agate, Black lace agate, etc. we have many choices of agate décor like agate geode half slices, Brazilian agate, meaning the raw materials imported directly from Brazil.

Our Agate Platter Honors Historical Design Tradition

Due to the unique formation processes that infuse uniqueness and individuality into every agate platter, every time you shop at Design Pretty, you’ll only find exclusive pieces that boast delicate hand carving, and a range of colors to suit any space. 

Bring Out the Best in Any Room With Blue Agate 

While many variations of agate will uplift the style and elegance of any interior refresh, our blue agate platter remains among our most popular decor choices.

The color combinations found in our agate platters naturally blend with a wider variety of themes and matching decor. Whether you choose to use this natural beauty as a versatile agate cake stand, or you’re looking for a memorable statement piece, the interior possibilities are limitless.

As your best online resource for professional interior design guidance, we’re always brainstorming new ways to incorporate our favorite pieces into modern designs. While browsing our agate platters, matching geode styles, and breathtaking crystal lamps to revitalize any space, consider pairing our beautiful online pieces with: 

  • Gorgeous Table Settings
  • Stress-Relieving Nightstand Additions
  • Highlighted Artwork & Coordinating Decor 
  • Festive Party Decorations & Luxurious Cuisine Displays
  • Lighting Features, Bathroom Vanities, & Anywhere Else That Deserves an Unforgettable Piece of Natural Art!

Agate Slice Meaning

Agate helps your physical, spiritual, and mental work in concert while grounding you and connecting you to the earth.

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Our dreamy grey agate platter can pair nicely with bold colors and wood finishes. It can also act as an agate cake stand for cakes and desserts. With a gold trim around its harmonizing aura, this agate serving platter can give your tabletop elegance. An agate cake stand can rebalance energy, activate healing attributes while creating a sense of security and safety.


Our agate serving platter has grounding qualities not only for healing but also for adding decadence to your next dinner party. It can be an entertainment piece, serving your guests gourmet cheeses and meats to fruit with nuts. You can pair the platter with our rose quartz coasters, giving a complementary color component to your tabletop. With a variety of colors, incorporate our other agate home decor items to harmonize your space.

You could use the agate cake stand for a special occasion, such as a wedding. It adds a lift of decadence to your cake for this romantic celebration. Pairing this agate cake stand with custom napkin rings and a quartz platter enhances your agate theme. Both are reusable for dinnertime at home. Alternatively, this beautiful grey agate cake stand could present varieties of desserts from pastries to chocolates to simple baked goods.

Activate healing effects of radiant frequency for someone seeking to be centered, calmer or confident. Amplify these effects with complimentary energy with our rose quartz bowl for omitting negative emotions. Share these healing qualities with others during the next gift-giving season. The agate serving platter can bring harmony around your friends and family with small tokens of appreciation. Surprise your circle of friends with their own agate cake stand or eye-popping agate slice coasters.

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