Rose Quartz Platter – Crystal Platter


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Rose Quartz Platter

These gorgeous Rose Quartz Crystal Platters are  beautiful pieces.  The edges of these platters are covered in gold leaf and then sealed.  Rose quartz is synonymous with love. This stone is known as the stone of unconditional love; so this platter the holiday gift.

This Platter measures 9 1/4″ x 5″

Crystal Platters for a Brighter Interior Ambience

As versatile as interior decor comes, our rose quartz platter invites elements of serenity, charm, and uplifting energy into every space. Featuring intricate craftsmanship, all-natural  quartz crystals, and truly unique properties that stem from the natural sourcing process, this earth-inspired piece harmonizes with a range of interior design aspirations. 

Utilize the soft pinks and lustrous gold trim to introduce vivid contrast into dining room placements or kitchen redesigns. Place this rejuvenating rose quartz platter strategically along the nightstands or end tables for an enchanted balance in any room. However your space could benefit the most, the simple addition of a crystal platter may be the touch of creativity and color your space has been missing. 

Balance Your Theme With the Best Selection of Quartz Decor Online

While shopping for a crystal platter to introduce into your home, consider which colors and decor elements will best coordinate with your overarching theme. If your furniture, artwork, and decor are lacking contrast, colorful additions can completely transform the look and feel. If you already have a colorful or whimsical layout, natural earth elements can work to bring a more balanced energy to any crowded or eclectic designs. 

With some careful planning and the greatest selection of colors, crystal platters, and budget-friendly decor you’ll find in our shop, finding those rare additions that bring it all together is our hope for you. From the soothing and heart-warming pinks of our quartz platter, to the deep and mysterious tones found in our vibrant agate selections, any unique theme or modern interior stands to benefit from the luxury, durability, and lasting value that our natural decor elements bring to the table. 

Decorate With Purpose & Find Guidance at Design Pretty

We take the time to personally connect our clients with the pieces that makes the most sense for each space. Whether you’re hoping to create a more welcoming home to share with friends and family, or you’re updating your home to promote a relaxing and stress-free environment, our professional designers respect your vision, design budget, and provide years of experienced guidance with a focus on rejuvenating and energizing your interiors. 

Our helpful design team offers: 

  • Experienced Product Knowledge & Gift Search Assistance
  • Personalized Virtual Design Consultations
  • Safe & Fast Rose Quartz Platter Delivery
  • & Limitless Decor Options to Make the Most of Any Space! 

Love the look of our crystal platter, or have other creative ideas that you would like to transform into beautiful interior reality? Get in touch with our creative team to define a space that you will absolutely adore. 

How to Clean Rose Quartz

A damp wash cloth and mild soap.  Do not submerge and do not place in the dishwasher.  Rose Quartz

What is Rose Quartz

A pink variety of quartz.  It is know as the stone of unconditional love, romance, love of friends & family and lastly but most importantly self love.  Rose Quartz and serenity go hand in hand.

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