A Start To Finish Guide To Decorating Your Space On A Budget

A Start To Finish Guide To Decorating Your Space On A Budget

Fail To Plan Plan To Fail

We all have design goals for our home.  There is always something that we want to improve, from a powder room to a kitchen, etc.  In many instances, you will stare at the hideous room or the blank space for years and never act on it.  Most of the time we feel that it’s too expensive or we just don’t know where to start. Well, I’m here to help.  It’s a very basic tenant that I know you’ve heard for your entire life. “Fail to plan, plan to fail” I’m as guilty of this as anybody even though I have an interior design business don’t let that fool you.  I too have design projects that I need to tackle and see through to completion. I figured I’d share them with you and that would help me be accountable, join my Design Pretty Facebook Group and we can work together and act as a support for one another.

As is the case with most obstacles that we need to tackle the best thing to do is just to get started.  Step one, come up with a design plan. The second step is a budget, figure out how much money you have to allocate towards this project.  Once you are all set the budget will help you either narrow or expand on your design plan.

So let’s start planning.  What are your goals for your space?  Do you know your style or the type of vibe you’d like to create?  I like to take inspiration from all kinds of things, for example, my family room is inspired by the North Shore of Bermuda.

When I lived in Bermuda my living room was inspired by the color scheme of Tory Burch Retail stores.  A great source for design inspiration is Pinterest but you can also draw from a favorite shirt or vacation the possibilities for inspiration are endless.

Tory Burch Store Interiors

Once you have your inspiration down packed then it’s time for a  to-do list. Let’s face it making a to-do list can be overwhelming but as my favorite business coach always says “How do you eat an elephant….one bite at a time”.  So before you work yourself into a decorating Tizzy, I’ve got a little gift for you. I put together a free Room Planner to help you tackle and complete your design projects from start to finish.  From setting a budget to your furniture layout this free printable room planner will help you organize your thoughts all the way through the completion of your project.


So here goes, “I’m finishing my formal living room”.  There, I said it! Now you know what that means?… I have to do it.  Plus I’m sure you all are going to want to see the finished product so I have to get it done.  I’m going to give myself no more than two months but I’ll probably finish it before that. Join my Facebook Group to see me go through this project step-by-step from budget to execution.  I’ll post weekly updates until the project is done.

  ***Don’t forget to grab your Room Planner***  and let me know what you guys are working on.  Post your plans and project in my Design Pretty Facebook Group

Check Out My Step By Step Room Planner Video

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