How I Turned My Guest Room Into A Studio

How I Turned My Guest Room Into A Studio

Studio Transformation

During this trying time of Covid 19 we all have to work together, live together, and share our spaces, more than ever with our families.  I for one uses to being at home alone all day and seeing my children and husband once they return from work and school.  Although I have an office in my home, I enjoy making my products in my kitchen because of all the wonderful natural light that floods the room.  Cut to social distancing and quarantine, my entire family now congregates in that kitchen, be it for meals, distance learning, and or coffee breaks.  Something had to give, and it did.  Lucky enough to have two guest rooms, one of which is quite small and only accommodates a twin bed, I decided it was time for a change.  Some in-home social distancing, if you will; I rearranged some furniture, went shopping in my basement and created a beautiful home studio, separate from all of the common areas in my house.  A quiet place, where I can work peacefully until it’s time for the next meal to be prepared…ugh!  


Follow along as I loose track of the days and transform my guest room into a sanctuary.  Watch the transformation take place in my latest YouTube Video 

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