This week I’d like to debut a new feature that I will be starting called “My Top 5”  My top 5 will consist of 5 things that I think are outstanding in the world of interiors i.e. home decor, furniture, lighting, etc.  

For my first official top five of the year, I would like to show you my 5 picks for chicest coffee tables.

  1. The Kate Coffee Table by Statement J., now I’m not sure who was the originator of this fabulous table but I do know that it comes is a variety of finishes from gold to copper and silver.  You can also find her at multiple retailers, like All Modern and Neiman Marcus but Statement J. was the cheapest that I could find and therefore Statement J. is where I would buy mine.  

  This table is modern and unique but versatile as I can see this table in a variety of spaces from modern to transitional and dare I say even in a traditional living room for a touch of whimsey.

 2. The Bamford Coffee Table from Wayfair is a personal favorite as I actually own one of these fabulous (I did not get mine from Wayfair) waterfall tables.  I’ve had mine for at least 9 years and it has moved with me to three different homes and has fit in seamlessly with my ever-changing interior design. I could only describe this table as a chameleon as it blends in perfectly with any space.

   3. The Dynasty Square Coffee Table from Ethan Allen is a popular reproduction of a very traditional Asian style coffee table.   I must admit I also have a rectangular version of this coffee table, I was lucky enough to snag mine on Chairish for $150.00 Yes! You read that correctly, so if I were you I would scour, Facebook Marketplace, eBay and all of those great second-hand sites in hopes of getting one of these for a fraction of the cost.  If all else fails Ethan Allen will have it in both square and rectangular styles.

 4. The Lipscomb Coffee Table from Wayfair is soooo divine.  This thick chunky concrete coffee table is modern in it’s esthetic but it can be used with so many different types of furniture.  I envision it juxtaposed against a light linen couch teaming with gorgeous textured boho pillows.

 5. Last but not least the Caroline Coffee Table from Wayfair.  I have to admit, Wayfair is killing it right now with these tables.    So all I can say about this Caroline table is that she is sexy. I want to place a martini on her and call it a night….YES!


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