Sodalite Bookends Gold – Modern Geode Bookends


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Sodalite Bookends Gold

Natural Sodalite Stone for Sale

You are probably wondering what is sodalite?  What type of rock is sodalite and where does sodalite come from?  I have the answers to all of your pressing questions about this fabulous rock known mostly as a  Canadian stone.   The best Sodalite comes from Brazil which is where our Sodalite bookends hail from.  Our bookends are covered in three layers of silver leaf which accent the polished face of the natural sodalite.  These beautiful blue geodes are sure to act as a conversation piece and show stopper where ever you place them.  See what customers are saying about our Sodalite stone hardness.

*****Size 3 3/4″ Tall*****

Sodalite Healing Properties

Sodalite is known to encourage rational thought, boost the immune system, and balance metabolism.  Known as the stone of truth, it is believed to improve communication.


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