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Quartz Crystal Lamp

The Devotion Lamp Quartz Crystal Lamp Adds Vibrancy to Any Room


Are you looking for a lamp that can create healing effects and enhance your surroundings? Are you trying to achieve a more relaxed atmosphere? Our devotion lamp may be a great fit for your home.

Rose quartz has a glasslike shininess, is a vibrant pink color, and is said to have healing properties. This mineral represents forgiveness and love. A positive addition to your household, our quartz crystal lamp can enhance the cheeriness of a bright room and lighten up a dull or gloomy room. It can add a bit of oomph to a lonely corner and a bit of excitement to an otherwise sterile living room. Our quartz crystal lamp is great to put on a coffee table, desk, bookshelf, end table, or nightstand. You could even place our rose quartz crystal table lamp near a sunlit window and let the sunlight shine through the quartz.

Rose Quartz Cluster Lamps

This quartz crystal lamp measures 24 inches by 14 inches. The ten-inch-tall, 14-inch-wide linen shades of our rose quartz cluster lamps are white, so they nicely complement the beauty of the rose quartz. The rose quartz cluster lamps are handcrafted from unpolished pieces of quartz. Each beautiful rose quartz crystal table lamp is unique. It has a base made of lucite, which resembles clear glass. Try using an LED lightbulb with this quartz crystal lamp for increased glitter and gentleness in appearance.

Our devotion lamp adds a lovely bit of natural shininess to a room. Just like the light from this handmade quartz crystal lamp will brighten your household, this rose quartz crystal table lamp can illuminate it with happiness and relaxation.

If you like this quartz crystal lamp, you might also enjoy our blue agate bookends, amethyst lamps, quartz geode table lamp, rose quartz bookends, quartz bookends, rose quartz bowl, and rose quartz coasters. These can all enrich your home’s atmosphere.

Product Benefits:


  • You can illuminate your surroundings with a grounding energy
  • The Devotion Lamp will add a glimmer of metallic sparkle to your room
  • Our lamp will blend seamlessly onto any surface it is placed on.
  • Product Specifications:
  • Rough Rose Quartz Crystals
  • Silver Accents
  • Thick Lucite Base
  • Acrylic Ball Finial
  • 25” Tall x 14” Wide
  • 10 Tall x 14” Diameter White Fine Linen Rolled Edge Shade
  • Handmade in the USA

Enrich Your Space With Purpose

Investing in an exceptional statement piece like our handmade crystal table lamp extends beyond the uplifted aesthetic charm. With a harmonizing rose quartz cluster lamp adorning your new and revitalized space, you may discover that a previously unbalanced room finally feels complete. Bland interior themes come to life with a broader color palette, and the rich pink tones of this crystal lamp are among the most versatile design colors imaginable.

All of our crystal table lamps are designed with purposeful interior decorating in mind. With any of the best crystal lamps, you’ll find at Design Pretty, we hope to inspire new hope and joy for wherever your next interior refresh takes you. Utilized within our own spaces at home, our nature-inspired crystal lamps elegantly highlight the surrounding decor and are one of the most profound pieces to consider if your space could benefit from a brighter mood and welcoming energy. 

Make the Most of Any Space With Our Devotion Crystal Lamp

While browsing our expansive collection of illuminating crystal table lamps, we would love to help you bring your space to life in any way that we can. Our personal approach to design guidance is conveniently available through our user-friendly online portal, and we approach every room refinement with a dedication to respecting your goals and improving upon the interior elements that are most important for you. 

If you love the look of our rose quartz cluster lamp, our online design team can help you incorporate our stunning crystal lamp into: 

  • Exciting Remodels & Room-Specific Updates
  • Attractive Rental Units or Open Houses
  • Home-Wide Themes With Matching Decor
  • Your Friends or Family Members’ Spaces; Consider for a Cherished Wedding, Birthday, or House Warming Gift 
  • Valuable Decor Collections; Our Handmade Works of Crystal Art Retain Their Value & Feature Sturdy Design Elements That Last for a Lifetime

Through collective brainstorming and years of adaptable interior design experience, there’s no innovative, creative, or modern style that’s beyond the scope of our devoted guidance and thoughtful decor ideas! Take a look at our best designs to see our crystal lamps at work for yourself, and let your creativity take control as we work together to redefine the beautiful possibilities for your new and improved interior spaces. 

Why Choose the Quartz Crystal Devotion Lamp?

When you choose the quartz crystal lamp, you are devoting yourself to health and wellness in every aspect of your life. Some people might make small lifestyle changes, but they have not changed their surroundings to enhance their health and wellness. The quartz crystal lamp does a few things for you that will make your life better. Plus, the lamp does all the work for you.

The Lamp Helps You Sleep

If you have this lamp on your nightstand, you will get more rest at night. The positive energy that is emitted by the lamp is caused by the quartz crystals around the exterior. When the lamp is shining, the light will cause even more positive ions to float from the lamp.

You could even put this lamp in your living room when you want to feel more relaxed at night. If you work from home, you could put this lamp in your office because it will help keep you calm during a long and stressful workday.

The Lamp Is Soothing

The lamp cannot heal all your aches and pains, but the lamp can help soothe you when you enter the room. The positive energy produced by a quartz crystal lamp will make it easier for you to wind down when you are in pain.

It Also Works With Children

Put the quartz crystal lamp in your child’s room. They will float off to sleep every night without a hitch, and they will stay asleep longer because of this lamp and its positive energy. This lamp will be a life-changing purchase for your family.


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