Rose Quartz Coasters – Sold Individually


Rose Quartz Coaster (Sold Individually)

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Luxurious Rose Quartz Coasters

Individual Quartz Coasters For Sale

The stunning patina of Rose Quartz with gold leaf edges is one of the most beautiful things in our Tabletop Collection. These crystal coasters can be used as accent pieces throughout your home and office. Our geode coasters are gilded with gold metal leaf and then the edges are sealed to secure the leaf so they can be used with out the metal leaf wearing away

These coasters run from 5″ to 8″ in size.


Handmade quartz coasters can add a touch of class to the home or office. Natural crystals are used to make quartz coasters. The quartz coasters are subtly different, with variations in shade, translucence and pattern. Quartz is also a very durable crystal, making it ideal for home decor since it is unlikely to be scratched or damaged during regular use.

Rose quartz coasters are a particularly stunning type of quartz coaster. Magnificent crystals with pink and white tones are used to make rose quartz coasters. In addition to its beauty, rose quartz is thought to promote love and joy.

Rose quartz coasters are a versatile decorating element. The timeless and classic nature of the crystal makes it appropriate for both home and office. Rose quartz coasters are equally in place on a law office desk or a dining room table.

Rose quartz coasters have an understated elegance. The rose quartz coasters with gold leaf edge increase the luxury and make an eye-catching addition to the table. The rose quartz coasters with gold leaf edge are carefully gilded and then sealed, so the finished coaster is as durable as the quartz itself. The rose quartz coasters will be a centerpiece of your home or office decor for years to come.

The beauty and durability of quartz also makes it ideal for serving pieces such as quartz platters and rose quartz bowls. Lamps and bookends are also great elements to add to the rose quartz home decor. Quartz also comes in a variety of different natural colors if pink does not work well with your decor. In addition to pink and rose, blue, gray, and white crystals are common. A special type of quartz called agate has stunning patterns embedded within the stone. These patterns can be especially striking as quartz coasters, such as the blue agate coaster or cake stands, like the agate cake stand.

Beautiful Tabletop Protection & Decoration

Consideration for the smallest of design elements is what sets a basic space apart from an exquisite interior design. You may have the right centerpiece, beautiful lighting, and thoughtfully incorporated furniture placements, but without the finishing touches that tie it all together, a sense of hollowness or imbalance is the likely outcome. At Design Pretty, we leave no element of an exceptional design left unanswered, and that begins with our passion for the delicate and refined details.

Of our delightfully cute and complementary styles, our rose quartz coasters are among our favorite finishing pieces. Adorn coffee tables, bookshelves, dining room tables, and protect your most valuable furniture investments with quality quartz introducing a spectrum of visually stunning and energizing properties into every thoughtfully reimagined space. If you love adaptable décor that flows with your bright and balanced space, consider pairing our rose quartz coasters with interesting interior elements, like: 

  • Flower Vases & Tabletop Art
  • Matching Napkin Rings & Contrasting Cutlery
  • Dark Surfaces That Deserve a Touch of Color
  • China & Trinket Display Cabinets
  • & Any Other Space That Harmonizes With Charming Rose Quartz! 

The Best in Creative Gift Giving; Rose Quartz Coasters Represent Love & Appreciation

Sourced entirely from nature and crafted with love, our rose quartz tabletop decorations are the perfect idea for a thoughtful and original gesture of generosity. The individuality and durability of each quartz piece provide a beautiful representation of your care for another, and these statement styles naturally add value to any home they end up in. If you’re a passionate gift-giver hoping to leave a lasting impression, quartz will serve as a valuable reminder of your friendship or family bond, while simultaneously making someone’s day with a gift that’s deeply beautiful, practical, and properly reflective of your appreciation. 

As the best online source for original and interesting interior décor updates, there’s no imaginative or functional interior possibility beyond the expertise of our online design team. We can connect you with a variety of quartz or agate pieces that match, help you revitalize a specific space within your home, or tell you more about our handcrafted designs if you love our nature-inspired works of interior art! 

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Rose Quartz Coasters

this got here super quick and in perfect shape! it is absolutely stunning in every way.
Jenessa Bettencourt
⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️

This was a gift. I didn’t realize it was for only one coaster, but the recipient loved it. It was a lovely piece.
Cassie Grossi
⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️

The Lovely World of Quartz Coasters

Quartz coasters have been staples in kitchens and dining rooms that feature all kinds of styles for a long while now. If you have a penchant for high-end interior design vibes, then looking into rose quartz coasters may be a brilliant pathway for you to consider. Design Pretty can blow you away with all of the latest and greatest options in quartz coasters. If you want to secure magnificent rose quartz coasters with gold leaf edge designs, we can help you do so. If you want to buy individual rose quartz coasters in general, we can assist you with that, too. You don’t have to purchase our durable and contemporary coasters as part of sets.

Why exactly are our individual rose quartz coasters so delightful? Our individual rose quartz coasters, first and foremost, can safeguard the top of your table. If you want to defend your fragile yet eye-catching table from any destruction that’s associated with condensation from your beverages, then nothing can work better than a powerful coaster. Our individual rose quartz coasters are more than just stylish and easy on the eyes. They’re functional as can be. It can be costly to have to fix water damage on your table. If you want to spare yourself from having to deal with steep table repair or replacement expenses, then our rose quartz coasters can get you on the right track in no time.

You can learn so much about our quartz coasters simply by dropping our team members a line. Design Pretty cares about five-star customer service practices. We truly care about five-star customer satisfaction rates as well.

Our rose quartz coasters with gold leaf edge designs can take the ambiance of your dining room up a notch. If you want to establish an interior design concept that’s charming and worldly, our coasters can help you do so.

If you’re contemplating purchasing our quartz coasters, you don’t have to agonize about their sizes. We can answer all size-related questions for you without hesitation. These coasters range from between five and eight inches in the size realm. That’s the reason they can in many cases be ideal for tables that are seen in standard dining rooms these days. From handmade quartz coasters to agate coasters with gold trim, we have a beautiful selection to choose from.

Shopping for quartz coasters no longer has to be a hassle for anyone. If you’re fond of rose quartz coasters with gold leaf edge designs, you’ll surely appreciate our top-tier choices. We make it our top priority to present shoppers with the most memorable and enduring coasters on the market. Check out our many world-class options in coasters.


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