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Rose Quartz Bookends


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Rose Quartz Bookends

A pair of Gemstone Bookends.  These bookends are 6” Tall

Rose Quartz and Geode décor has taken the design world by storm.  Our beautiful Rose quartz bookends will make you stop and gasp where ever you place them.  We cover our bookends in multiple layers of gold leaf, which enhances their natural beauty.  Our bookends are not dyed quartz geodes; these are natural rose quartz.  Agate, Quartz, and Geode are becoming commonplace in home décor, but we strive to elevate these rough-hewn stones into elegant, purposeful décor.

Searching for an eye-catching piece that reflects your passion for natural beauty? Our rose quartz bookends offer more than their modest title may indicate; utilize our cherished quartz bookends for a dramatic addition in the dining room, uplift the energy within your office, or use our unique bookends as intended to keep your shelves tidy and uplift the beauty of any prominent book display. 

As you browse the best variety of functional and creative décor designs at Design Pretty, you’ll find that our quartz bookends and other trending options promote a range of interior benefits. We believe that true interior beauty is always better served with designs that improve both liveability and style, and with our design team by your side, we’re here to open up the possibilities for your space with every earth-inspired piece we have to share. 

Decorative Rose Quartz Bookends for Your Home

Quartz is renowned for its powerful intrinsic properties and energy regulating potential. While the advantages associated with crystals remain a subject of debate, many of our clients find that rose quartz bookends add lasting value to their homes in unexpected ways. Whether you’re after an optimal interior balance, or you simply love the look of the soothing pink shades and natural growth patterns, our quartz bookends may:

  • Invite a Sense of Equilibrium into Cluttered Spaces
  • Reduce Feelings of Tension & Anxiety
  • Improve Productivity in Work & Study Spaces
  • Accentuate Feelings of Love & Harmony at Home

As one of our most budget-conscious decorative pieces, we’re in the business of respecting our clients’ design budgets and interior aspirations every step of the way. After you find a few beautiful additions like our quartz bookends to include in your new space, you can take advantage of our online design guidance to redefine a beautiful new interior layout. We have years of experience refreshing everything from modern to dated interior designs, and would love to help you brainstorm some ways to introduce new light, functionality, and thoughtful coordination into your home!

Learn More About Our Online Designs & Décor Today!

Every element within a home either adds to or subtracts from the desired aesthetic and energy. We take the time to pour over every detail with you, and until we’ve paired you with a range of thoughtful décor additions that bring out the best in your home’s potential, our exclusive handmade selections and years of experience are here for you. 

Want to learn more about our handcrafting processes, or would you like to send our quartz bookend to a friend or family member as a heart-warming gift? Get in touch with our helpful team for flexible service and schedule a stress-free design consultation today. 

Where Is Rose Quartz Mined?

Our rose quartz is mined in Brazil and Madagascar and then imported into the United States.  Mining rose quartz takes place in many locations around the world but the best quality is known to come from Brazil and Madagascar.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 5 in


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