Natural Agate Platter


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Natural Agate Platter

This beautiful natural agate platter is one of nature’s best creations.  Formed from the volcanic rock this slab is a stunning monochromatic collage of swirls.  This natural agate platter has a beautiful druzy center and will be a show stopper in any space, from the coffee table in your living room, to your nightstand or even the vanity in your bedroom.

*****Size 8 1/5″ Diameter””****

In recent years agate has gained popularity in jewelry, agate slice pendant, wholesale agate slices for weddings has also become a trend.  Agate and crystals have now made their way to home décor and Design Pretty wants to make it more accessible and more affordable to you.  With the wide variety of agate on the market i.e. natural purple agate, Black lace agate, etc. we have many choices of agate décor like agate geode half slices, Brazilian agate, meaning the raw materials imported directly from Brazil.

Agate Slice Meaning

Agate helps your physical, spiritual, and mental work in concert while grounding you and connecting you to the earth.

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