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Custom Chinoiserie Gift Wrap

If you’re looking for the perfect gift wrap for any occasion, you need to think about style and design. It is important try to capture the essence of what is trendy and popular now. A lot of people just grab any old gift wrap they can find, but what if we told you that the gift wrap is just as important as the gift you’re giving?!

There are a lot of options, some might argue too many options. But, one thing is clear, Chinoiserie wrapping paper is on-trend now. This is such an appealing design, and you really need to discover the beauty and elegance of Chinoiserie gift wrap as soon as you can. So, let’s look at what Chinoiserie is, and why it is such a great choice for custom gift wrap these days.

What is Chinoiserie?

Taken from the French word “chinois” meaning ‘China,’ Chinoiserie is the name given to the Western interpretation of Asian and Far Eastern traditions and cultures. It is a style that is characterized by ostentatious decoration, a focus on materials, asymmetric designs, and is popular in Europe and North America. Chinoiserie design has made its way into all sorts of areas and can be found on anything from quilts to wallpaper. Things like Chinoiserie wrapping paper are popular among arty people these days, and it also has a massive influence on things like architecture and landscaping.

Why Choose This Gift Wrap?

As you can see, our beautiful Chinoiserie wrapping paper is vibrant, exuberant, and trendy, and would be the ideal option for your next gift wrap. If you want to embody the spirit of traditional Chinese culture and identity, this would be a wonderful choice. What’s more, it would also make the perfect choice for wrapping around a brand new Quartz platter, or perhaps even a vibrant and stunning Agate cake stand. It’s aesthetically pleasing, with a great pattern, and would be the ideal accompaniment to any gift. So, we would recommend stocking up on our gorgeous Chinoiserie wrapping paper as soon as you can.

Design Matters to Us

At Design Pretty, we value the power of designs, and the impact they can have on so many areas of life. You can see from our Chinoiserie gift wrap that we like designs that are loud and proud and aren’t afraid to do things differently.  We like designs and ideas that are a little out there, and that combine many different ideas and characteristics. When you choose Chinoiserie wrapping paper, you are choosing to embrace the hallmarks of Chinese and Asian cultures. But it’s not just wrapping paper that we feel makes a statement. You should check out our blue Agate coasters if you really want to see something unique or some stunningly unique decorative bookends.

If you’re shopping around for Chinoiserie-style products, then you are certainly in luck with our stunning Chinoiserie gift wrap. When you’ve bought the perfect gift, you need the perfect gift wrap, and, as far as we’re concerned, our range of Chinoiserie wrapping paper is pretty darn perfect! Why not also consider buying some of our unique oversized gift tags as a great way of complimenting your Chinoiserie gift wrap and ensuring the whole thing looks great.

This beautiful wrapping paper incorporates two of todays biggest trends,  Chinoiserie and tropical foliage.  Large ginger jars filled with a pal leaf print repeat to form a stunning pattern.  The green banana leaf print is a fresh fun look that is used throughout design these days.  For tips on how to wrap a box in gift wrapping and holiday wrapping ideas check out the video below.

Each package contains five, 20” x 29” Sheets.  (12 feet of wrapping paper)

Chinoiserie Meaning

From the French word chinois, “Chinese”  Chinoiserie is the European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions, especially in the decorative arts, garden design, architecture, literature, theatre, and music.


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