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Rose Quartz Serenity Platter for Your Home & Kitchen

Our gorgeous Rose Quartz Platters are some of the most naturally beautiful pieces.  The edges of these platters are covered in gold leaf and then sealed to maintain the beauty and integrity of the beautiful stone.  Rose quartz and serenity go hand in hand.  This stone is known as the stone of unconditional love; making this platter the perfect wedding gift. 

This Platter measures 14 3/4″ x 12 3/4″

How to Clean Rose Quartz

A damp wash cloth and mild soap.  Do not submerge and do not place in the dishwasher.  Rose Quartz


What is Rose Quartz

A pink variety of quartz.  It is know as the stone of unconditional love, romance, love of friends & family and lastly but most importantly self love.  Rose Quartz and serenity go hand in hand.


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Using Colorful Items to Accent Your Interior Décor

Each year, there are popular pieces that are used to introduce color into interior spaces. These are sometimes accent items that make bland rooms pop with color. There are other examples in this category, like a rose quartz platter that ends up becoming a focal point. Placing these platters in living rooms, dens, and kitchens allow homeowners to decorate around them with similar or harmonizing color schemes.

Just as color was essential to residential and commercial interior décor ideas, it will be critical in projects, as well. It is possible to find a unique rose quartz gemstone platter for decorative purposes and for gifts. This type of platter is made from a pink variety of quartz that stands out and makes an impression in any setting. Many say that this particular stone in a rose quartz gold edge platter is special because it symbolizes unconditional love.

This is one of the reasons why a rose quartz platter is a terrific gift. It may be used as a birthday or anniversary gift for those who love the color pink. These are also startling accents to include in one or more rooms of your home. They can be beautiful displays when paired with rose quartz bookends in a study, office, or library setting. Let’s take a look at other uses for colorful interior décor pieces.

Housewarming Gifts

One of the most memorable occasions for homeowners is when they first moved into their house. It is traditional to host a housewarming event to invite family and friends to the new place. A rose quartz platter is a nice gift for this type of party or event. It doesn’t matter whether you settle on a rose quartz gemstone platter or a rose quartz gold edge platter. These can be positioned in virtually any room of the home. They are useful pieces to bring out matching colors in window treatments and furnishings.

Creating a Nice Entryway

You may be interested in a rose quartz platter for the entryway of your home or business. Design Pretty is a great place to find these stylish accents. Rose quartz home décor may be a way to showcase your style and taste in individual rooms. Foyers with tables are a wonderful place to display a rose quartz platter or a rose quartz gemstone platter, which picks up their colors from the natural light in this space.

Enhancing Living Rooms

A rose quartz platter on a coffee table along with rose quartz coasters is a gorgeous look. You may opt to decorate the living room or den with a rose quartz platter or a rose quartz gold edge platter. Sofas and loveseats with floral patterns often include red, pink, and burgundy. The size of this space doesn’t matter with the right pieces, like any choice of rose quartz platter that enhances the room.

Making a Beautiful Dining Space

Your primary dining space might be the kitchen or the formal dining room. Here is where you can couple a rose quartz platter or a rose quartz gold edge platter with amethyst napkin rings and a selection of rose quartz bowls. Homeowners may opt to use one rose quartz platter or several in these entertainment and dining spaces.


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