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Banded Amethyst Bookends


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Banded Amethyst Bookends

Crystal Bookends for Sale

These Bookends are 5″ Tall

We are so use to seeing beautiful crystal bookends like, agate and rose quartz bookends.  But Amethyst geode bookends are a lot less common.  Which is why we jumped at the opportunity to add amethyst bookends to our catalog.  Agate bookends target a certain clientele, one who has a discerning taste for home décor.  We have now made it more affordable to acquire these natural rock bookends.  Our bookends are covered in three layers of gold leaf to accentuate the bumps and grooves that run along these natural volcanic rocks .  We ship out world wide and we’ll even ship our geode bookends to Australia.  See what people are saying about our Amethyst Geode Bookends.

Collectors and interior design enthusiasts alike utilize the magic of natural rock bookends to introduce new colors, creativity, and harmony into new interior designs, thoughtful reimaginations, and valuable collections. Sourced from the finest of amethyst formations on earth and meticulously prepared for our clients’ personalized interior ambitions, our banded amethyst bookends are a tasteful addition to consider if your spaces could benefit from some nature-inspired contrast and customization. 

Why Purchase Amethyst Bookends for Your Home?

Since each natural rock bookend from Design Pretty is handmade and sourced from a unique amethyst formation, no two amethyst bookends are alike. When a beautifully orchestrated interior design is supported by truly unique pieces, the natural result is a look that stands out from run-of-the-mill styles and more closely represents your personality and targeted theme.

In addition to the exclusivity and luxury associated with an elegantly placed amethyst bookend, our banded amethyst bookends are always: 

  • 100% Natural & Unique: We only use genuine amethyst that is carefully cut by hand. As you can see from the pictures, each amethyst bookend boasts exquisite growth patterns and dynamic shaping that sets each stunning piece apart.
  • Shipped Safely & Backed by Honest Online Support: Before, during, and after your interior update, our helpful design team is always here to assist. Whether you are interested in learning more about our handcrafting processes, want to compare the intrinsic benefits associated with amethyst, or would like to send this beautiful piece as a gift anywhere in the world, our reliable design professionals are at your service. 
  • Durable & Designed by Experienced Hands: Every tough and sturdy style you find at Design Pretty is handcrafted with long-term interior value in mind. Our rare crystals retain their luxurious qualities for years, retain and grow in value, and naturally promote both visual appeal and positive energy emission within any space they serve. 

Find a Breathtaking Variety of Matching Décor Styles Online

As you envision the new look and feel for your space, feel free to browse through the expanses of our catalog to discover newfound interior inspiration. We’re always updating and illuminating our collection with a healthy variety of innovative styles that uplift everything from modern to imaginative interiors, and if you love the beauty of this amethyst bookend, you’ll love our entire lineup of crystal lamps, thoughtful table décor, and related elements that invite peace, balance, and tranquility into every home. 

Whether you only need a single set of amethyst bookends to complement your favorite shelf, or you’re hoping to introduce natural creativity throughout the entire home, the design possibilities are limitless when you get in touch with us at Design Pretty to bring out the best in every space. 

Amethysts Special Properties

Amethyst is known to assist with both physical and mental health.  This beautiful mineral is known for assisting with:  Anxiety, coping with grief, addictions, blood disorders and many more things.


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