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Making a house a home comes from combining expected necessities like furniture, entertainment centers, and wall art, with personalized features that make us feel serene. Lighting is a vital element of interior design that gets routinely overlooked, yet has so much opportunity for elevating the feel of a home’s overall design. Consider incorporating electrifying materials like quartz and geode throughout your space for maximum intrigue and enjoyment.

Amethyst Geode Lamps For Sale

Our fine Amethyst crystal lamps are designed with sophistication and glamour in mind. Each stunning Amethyst table lamp is hand-curated in the U.S. and is made from authentic Brazilian Amethyst. Our precious crystal sets atop a Lucite base, featuring brass accents, and acrylic ball finial. An Amethyst cluster lamp brings in warm light and serene energy to your home’s special space. Quartz lamp designs range in size at approximately 12 × 12 × 12-24 inches and weigh from 1 lb to 40+ lbs.

Jaw-Dropping Amethyst Geode Lamp

Our Amethyst geode lamp is a 30 lb marvel featuring volcanic rock lined with stunning Amethyst crystals. Sourced from Uruguay and Brazil, this special purple geode crystal lamp is highly valued for its soothing energy and remarkable beauty. Each Amethyst table lamp can be ordered in night-light stature to show-stopping prestige.

Dining Illumination and Table Settings

Whether your home features a designated dining room or eat-in kitchen in an open design concept, illuminating these areas with an Amethyst crystal lamp or Amethyst cluster lamp will create cohesion and a pleasing flow throughout the entire home. Our top design tip is to feature this signature, royal purple color where the eye naturally rests. Try a multi-set of Amethyst coasters across countertops and on side tables with delectable treats arranged on our agate cake stand. Homeowners and guests alike will appreciate the detail and feel the elegant touch.

Amethyst table decor also includes designer accessories:

  • Geode Bookends (Available in shades of pink, blue, grey)
  • Madagascar Petrified Wood Accessories/Plates
  • Stunning Amethyst Cluster Lamp (Many sizes)
  • Crystal/Geode Napkin Rings
  • Amethyst Table Lamp
  • Mesmerizing Amethyst Crystal Lamp Styles

Picture a set of shiny geode bookends illuminated beneath a new Amethyst crystal lamp, or a rejuvenated placemats set to feature stunning Amethyst napkin rings at brunch. Whatever accessories and colors you choose, the geode crystal finish will work seamlessly and in true harmony together.

How LED Lighting Enhances Every Amethyst Crystal Lamp

Our Amethyst table lamp selection features an LED-ready base for that ultra-sparkle and eco-friendly living touch. LED lighting enhances Amethyst cluster lamp design by refracting light as much as a mirror would to create a soft ambiance and light-capturing sparkle throughout the endless nooks and crannies of our multi-faceted, hand-curated crystal lamps.

An Amethyst table lamp is the perfect buy for incorporating tangible luxury into a home. Each Amethyst crystal lamp will shine as a focal point that will beckon admirers, and inspire warm conversation. Consider one of our stunning black lampshades to elevate any room and inspire others in fine decor.

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Adding Amethyst Crystal Lamps to Your Room

An amethyst crystal lamp adds to the style of any room. It stands out from other lamps due to its base made out of amethyst crystal, allowing it work as a center piece in a room. By using an amethyst crystal lamp effectively in your home, you can draw everyone’s attention. We also offer other gorgeous lamps to put in your living space. From geode crystal lamps to quartz table lamps to amethyst crystal lamps, we have it all!

Due to the nature of an amethyst crystal lamp, you can get it in different colors, shapes and sizes to compliment the walls of the room and the other furniture. Spend some time finding the right amethyst crystal lamp for your home. This will allow it to work with your style and to have people appreciate the time that you spent on your home decor.

At Design Pretty, we offer a wide variety of home decor options for you to choose from. Among our most popular home decor selections is our amethysts crystal lamps. These come in a wide variety of options, so you can choose which one you think will suit your personal style and the look of your home the best.

There are many benefits to having this amethyst table decor in your home. Amethysts crystal lamps can bring several positive attributes to your home. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, meaning it can relieve stress and strain, sooth irritability, balance mood swings, and lessen anxiety. Our amethysts crystal lamps are known as tranquility lamps for those reasons. Amethysts crystal lamps are also known to dissolve negativity and promote a peaceful, happy and healthy home.

There is no better way to relax in your own home than to buy these tranquility lamps. It can improve your mood on a daily basis as well as be a beautiful statement piece in your home. Whatever room you want to put our amethysts crystal lamps in, our amethyst table decor will be sure to grab attention.

Amethysts crystal lamps also provide strong healing and cleansing powers. If you’re a spiritual person, then our amethyst table decor would be the perfect addition to your home.

We can guarantee that you’ll love our amethyst table decor. The home is a place you’re meant to relax, and what better way to relax and unwind than with our tranquility lamps? You’ll feel energized, refreshed and at peace every day.

If you’re looking for the best amethyst’s crystal lamps and other amethyst table decor, look no further than Design Pretty. We have a wide assortment of these tranquility lamps that will be able to bring peace and restore balance to your living space.

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