How many of us are guilty of letting our bedrooms turn into a dumpy ground for laundry, shoes and all the other homeless accouchement that we’ve gathered along the way? I’m certainly guilty of this decorating crime.  When was the last time you invested in some quality bed linens…not recently huh? We spend so much time concerned about the public spaces in our homes but we don’t give much consideration to the private ones. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary and I will show you how to do it one in 5 easy steps.  


Invest in good quality pillows both for sleeping and for display.  The pillow you sleep on at night may not be the best type of pillow for making your bed look beautiful.  So let’s stash the sleeping pillows during the day and style our beds as if we were staying a 5-star Luxury Hotel.

Step 2.

Quality linens make all the difference from Egyptian Cotton to Sateen and Percale choosing the right type of sheets is paramount to a good night’s sleep.  Do your research companies like Matouk are a great resource for information from types of linens to styling your bed. Linens can range from the high end Like Matouk and Leontine Linens to affordable like Threshold from Target.  Whichever route you decide to go in, January is a great time to refresh your bedding.  The stores are having tons of white sales as they are preparing to bring in their Spring inventory.

Step 3.

Create a calming atmosphere with the right type of lighting, I highly recommend lamplight.  Choose the best bulb to suit your needs. If you like to read in bed then the brighter the better.  I don’t recommend any harsh spotlight like a floor lamp with an exposed bulb pointing directly at you.  Remember we’re trying to create a calm and cozy environment so that we can recharge our batteries.  

Step 4.

Scents are a great way to set the mood for a sanctuary space.  Light a beautiful soy candle or open reed diffuser in a scent that you find soothing.  Surrounding yourself with a soothing aroma is a great way to relax our minds and bodies.  Fresh flowers and plants are also a great accompaniment to creating a cozy space.

 Step 5.

Treat your self to a nice pair of Pj’s get into bed and unwind.  Take a deep breath, let the relaxing scent of your candle calm you while you sink into the sumptuous linens and pillows on your bed.  Enjoy this time, relax, unwind and destress.  

Check out how I made my bedroom into a sanctuary on my youtube channel

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