3 Steps To Organizing Your Desk

Start the New Year with a clean, clear workspace…

You’ve probably noticed that when the space you inhabit is clean and clear your thoughts flow more freely. I know that for me that is the case and for that reason, we should all have a clean clear workspace. Freeing up the clutter around you allows us to focus and achieve our goals for the day and that’s why I’ve come up with three steps to organizing your desk.

Step 1.

Clear the entire desk of everything if you have a laptop. If like me, you have a desktop computer and a printer or any other large device you can leave those and just work around them. Wipe down your desk with your choice of cleaner, I’m using Windex Vinegar Multi-Surface Vinegar Cleaner. Clean the surface of your desk and clean your keyboard. Make sure to clean your screen with the appropriate cleaner and wipe off all other equipment.

Step 2.

Bring back the bare necessities, and that may differ from person to person. I like to have my paper clips at my fingertips and my calculator always is handy. To determine the things you have to have on the desk and then find proper storage for everything else. The goal here is to have most of your desks surface clear and uncluttered. Which in turn keeps your mind and your path clear and uncluttered.

Step 3.

Lastly, let’s set the scene for a positive and productive workspace by adding touches to help you focus your intentions. Scents evoke emotions, they can make us feel happy, energized and even relaxed. A citrus-scented candle or diffuser will help to put you in the mindset to work while providing your space with a fresh clean scent. An air-purifying plant or is a traditional Feng Shui tenant, so whether it’s a small succulent that sits on your desk or a potted plant on a stand or the floor incorporating a houseplant into your workspace is a great way to finish off your desk clean up. I have a lucky bamboo plant that sits in the water with a betta fish in it. Crystals like pyrite and citrine are also a great accessory for your desk and work area as both are known to bring in wealth and abundance. Once you’re done your desk is ready for you to have a productive year.

Check out my YouTube Channel where I walk you step by step through my process

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